Thursday, January 21, 2010

grandma sowing machine.

hellow fellow mellow yellows,
my rentals just unearthed a sowing machine that my now dicecesed i do not know how many greats grandma. we are so clueless on what to do with it. it is so confusing. we have some fabric to work with but there are 2 spools, and it makes you want too throw it into a pit of boiling lava in a fit of rage. so i just found 2 new book series that are SO good! the first books of them are, marked by p.c cast, and eighth grade bites by ? you must read them. well... peace out suckers puh ha!

a life of servitude. ( well, actually only 12 days)

hello fellow mellow yellows,
i am slaving it up until Feb. 1 so my mommy will get me a webkinz love frog. google it if you are not cool enough to know what it is. i am short of the mullah so i can not buy it my self. on other news i think i am going too get my left eyebrow pierced. do you think i can pull it off? comment here so i can tell the comment fairy what you said, and if you leave out mushrooms and the new Tinkerbell movie, she will lead you too peter pan. bye!

Monday, January 18, 2010

girl scout cookies!

hello fellow mellow yellows,
it has come time too sell girl scout cookies again, and i am going to sell my patootie off. we have a new cookie this year, called "thank u berry much" packed with cranberries and gratitude. but i am still true to my Samoa and tagalongs. and if you can believe it, i do not think i have ever tasted a thin mint. that is one thing i MUST do this year. but, if you get a hankerin' fer cookies in the middle of August, they are sold at the girl scout store 24/7/365. so little children, go hassle your mommy until she gets you some. bye!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wheat thins!

sear readers,
I'm eatin, me some wheat thins! yum! and, tonight i get to read ''chosen'' by p.c cast. it is book 3 in the series, and book 1, and 2 were great! well gtg.

Monday, January 4, 2010

the fantastic mr fox

dear readers,
i went to see the fantastic Mr fox the other day, and it was so good! there was a adolescent Fox that just randomly spit on the ground! it was so funny! and, in stead of saying what the heck and stuff like that, they said what the cuss! i am going too have too say that now. all in all, it was hilarious! i give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

15 bucks, dudes!

dear readers,
i am so touched that you ( grace and Annie ) commented! yay. so on other news, my mommy (bless her) is taking me out to buy stuff with 15 bucks i got for Christmas. i am getting a bunch of webkinz stuff. ( if you are not clear on what a webkinz is, be thankful. it is like, addiction town). also i have a whelp on the inside of my mouth. it is really gross, and it will squirt pus if you mash it. i think it is an infection. but it does not hurt so it is not that bad. also the mp3 player i got for Christmas and i quot,
'the player is malfunctioning and must be detached from the desktop'. how bad is that! i am thinking about booya as my new word what do you think? and now i bid you farewell fellow blog readers, for i must get on webkinz, bye!!